Liquid-Solid Surface Desander

Product Description

These desanders are used for a wide range of onshore and offshore applications from primary filtration to waterflood injection, disposal wells and SAGD. Units are designed with a two-to-one turn down ratio in most cases with flow rate from 100 bbld to 450,000 bbld per unit.

The EPP desander works on a differential of specific gravities of the solid from the liquid. Normally, removing 40 micron and above solids when high (98 %+) efficiencies are required. For produced water applications, typical efficiencies are 98% for 74 micron and larger particles, 95% for 73 to 40 micron particles, 84% for 39 to 20 micron particles, and 50% for 19 to 1 micron particles.

Desander Design Features:
–  No screens or filter elements to clean or replace; no servicing routines saves maintenance time and cost.

–  No backwashing; zero fluid loss options eliminate additional treatment and allow reclaim of valuable fluids.

–  Low and steady pressure loss saves energy and provides and more predictable operating system.

–  Choice of profiles to accommodate space and piping limitation making for an easy layout and installation.

–  Patented Swirlex internal accelerating slots for optimum solids-removal performance.

–  Patented internal Vortube for enhanced separation and collection.

–  In-line inlet and outlet configuration for simplified piping.

Standard Construction Features:

–  Independently tested

–  ANSI flanged inlet and outlet connections; DIN and other connections available

–  A wide range of standard pressure rating available

–  Carbon Steel construction with special coatings and material available

–  Exterior finish is Powder coated

–  ASME code, section VIII, Div I


–  Saves maintenance time & cost: no screens or filter elements to clean or replace

–  Saves energy & provides predictable operating system: low & steady pressure loss

–  Choice of profiles for space & piping limitations: easy layout & installation

–  Optimum solids-removal performance and collection

Eliminates additional treatment & allows reclaim of fluids: zero fluid loss options