Gas-Solid Surface Desander

Product Description

IWS provides a desanding service to be used during production to remove sand from gas streams before it can damage production equipment.


–  Pressure ratings – 9930 kPa & 19995 kPa

–  Registered ASME pressure vessels

–  Sweet and sour service

–  Patented Equipment and Process

–  Recovers frac sand and formation san

–  Allows monitoring of sand production

–  Does not contaminate storage tanks with sand.

–  Eliminates flaring

–  No pressure drop

–  Compact size

–  Light weight

–  No freezing issues

–  Four models

–  Minimal service / clean out time

–  Simple maintenance

–  Zero emissions in sour service

–  Gathering system de-sanding

–  Oil well de-sanding

–  Helicopter transportable

These Desanders remove the sand using a patented process of applied basic physics and fluid dynamics principals, allowing produced fluids and gas to pass through the device while virtually all solid particles will be collected at the bottom. Sand production will be monitored. Servicing frequency is determined from observed conditions.