Filtration & Separation

Uncontrolled sand production from producing zones in the wellbore is a serious problem in many oil & gas assets worldwide. It is known to be drastically affecting production rates as it can damage subsurface and surface equipments, increasing the risk of catastrophic failure; and it will cost producers tens of billions of dollars annually. At surface, sand accumulation in production separators causing loss of production and reduction of residence time is also a recognized problem worldwide.

Interruption of production from removal of accumulated sand in production separators, abrasion to pumps, valves, and accessories, as well as the risk of oil production loss can be greatly reduced or eliminated by using continuous solid separation system together with monitoring and rectification services. This approach can be effectively applied right at the wellhead and to any production separator or vessel where sand is produced and space is limited.

Another major problem faced currently in the oil and gas industry is the handling of produced water. Produced water refers to the fluid mixture that comes up from the wellbore during production of oil/gas. As can be inferred from the name, the vast majority of the fluid is water mixed with trace amounts of oil, particle or chemicals. When oil and gas are produced,  water is separated and discharged into the sea or surface water, or pumped back into the reservoir to maintain the well pressure. For both methods conditions and regulations apply to prevent well contamination or surface/sea water pollution.

IWS Produced water treatment packages are custom-designed in line with client specifications and project requirements. The most suitable combination of advance technologies will be selected and integrated into a system to achieve the required performance, with less space requirement, maintenance and operation cost.

IWS Separation and Filtration Systems are combination of high-end equipments that can be applied for both sub-surface prevention and surface remedy in one comprehensive approach.

The scope of IWS Separation and Filtration Management Program shall cover sub-surface solid control, which are harmful to the tubing and other completions. The program is also formulated to accommodate accumulated solid at the surface facilities which is damaging the transfer pump (COTP), flowlines, choke valves or bean boxes, flow control valves and pipelines. Last but not least, the program is also formulated to reduce the oil contamination level of produced water for safe reuse and discharge.

The program will be comprises of:-

    1. Engineering & Technical Consultancy
    2. Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication & Supply Of Equipments
    3. Installation, Hook-Up, Testing & Commissioning
    4. Periodic Maintenance Services

Our Separation and Filtration Systems comprise of:

    1. Sub-surface Filtration System
    2. Wellhead Desander System
    3. Wellstream Desander System
    4. Seawater Filtration System my response
    5. Produced Water Treatment System
    6. Solid collection System
    7. Gas Dehydration & Glycol Regeneration Packages (TEG, MEG, DEG & Molecular Sieve)
    8. Hydrocyclone Technology Packages (Deoiler, Desander Hydrocyclones, Gas Floatation)
    9. Fuel Gas Conditioning Packages
    10. Membrane
    11. Amine System
    12. Mercury Removal